The Farm

This page is a project to compile information about starting a largely self-sustaining farm lifestyle, sometimes refered to as Permaculture.


When trying to live a self-sufficient lifestyle you will want to know what exactly it is you need and figure out how to do it on your own. There are many things that we forget we use because they are very much part of our lives that we take them for granted. Therefore it's important that, before trying to become self-sustaining, you compile a list of things you will need and figure out how you will obtain these things. Here is an ordered list of steps that can be taken to be prepared:

  1. Compile the list: Take 1-3 months to compile a list of things you use. You can do this by writing down everything you buy during this time. It's important that it be at least a month since you may purchase certain things irregularly. Also note that this includes services, not only products.
  2. Eliminate excess: Go over your list at the end of this period and for each item ask yourself whether it is truly something you need. It's true that you're not trying to live in a cabin in the woods, but neither will you be able to live in complete luxury.
  3. Find solutions: For the items that are left on your list try to find ways of obtaining them that ideally do not require monetary payment. If you can make it yourself, try to do that. If not, think about making a deal with someone in the community. Avoid any non-personal agreements.
  4. Test solutions: Before actually going out, you may want to test many of these solutions first so you don't get them wrong when you go out to live on the farm. This should improve your chances of success.

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Problems we still need to solve

While we have thought a lot about the farm, we still have not solved some issues regarding self sustainability:


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